marley fergie

Hi, my name is Marley Lee Tidja Fergie, I’m 18 years old and based on the Sunshine Coast. I am a freelance graphic designer and a physical and digital artist. I have been practicing physical art such as paintings and stencilling for the majority of my life and have been using digital platforms such as Procreate for around 5 years to create different pieces of artwork. I hope to pursue my art as a form of work and hopefully to become a full-time tattooist or graphic designer as it is a big passion of mine. 

 My traditional cultural name is Tidja and have been called that as a nickname for most of my life. I decided to use that as my artist name to honor my cultural name. I am Aboriginal (Wuthathi from the Yadikanu nation) and Torres strait islander (Mabuiag island) from my dad's side and Polynesian on my mum's, I take a huge influence from both cultures when creating art. They inspired some part within every one of my designs or paintings.