our story

Skitzo is a small Australian business based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Our main focus is on supporting our local community, artists and athletes. We’re new to the scene, and only launched at the end of 2022. Born out of the nostalgia for Australia's skate and surf culture; Skitzo arose when our founder Daryl overheard his kids using the same slang he used to back in the day. One thing led to another and now here we are.

Thanks to the help of those around us, we have seen a huge amount of growth, and support from our community. We’re operating out of Coolum Beach, our office is located within Chiggy’s Indoor Skateboarding and you’ll also find us at most skate events and competitions in QLD!

Everything is designed and produced here, and we work with sustainability at the core of our mission. We’re a part of the better cotton approved initiative and everything is 100% sustainably sourced. With all the global supply chain issues that exist today, we keep our process local. Our printer hails from Noosa, and puts our designs into action straight from our beautiful home.

We also believe that both sporting & artistic talent deserves to be recognised and celebrated. After all, the world would be one boring place without them. Therefore, we sponsor both skateboarders and surfers on a grassroots level here on the Sunny Coast and are always collaborating with local artists on new collections. This way, we'll have a first hand understanding of you, and you’ll always get the sickest designs from the most creative minds.