Being Skitzo is how we are, it’s how we’ve been for generations. And because our
community’s bursting with challengers, risk-takers, and thrill-seekers who seize the day, our
way of life has turned into the Skitzo vision.

made local for


We proudly hail from the Sunshine Coast & aspire to share our culture, quality, and attitude with the world. We are of the community, for the community.

We build lasting local relationships wherever we are and create a tight-knit community. Remember, you’re never far from a fellow adventurous spirit.




We believe that comfort, durability, and quality reign supreme when you’re pushing the limits & taking hits. Boldness is a fundamental part of a life

Our stylish creations are Aussie-made & Aussie proud so you can confidently conquer any challenge without hesitation.

Our Sustainability Promise

The well-worn path isn’t for us. We refuse to
settle for anything less than our full potential,
and we live on the edge.

We Stand With ALL


You’re in the arena and we respect that. It also means you’ll face your fair share of haters who don’t believe in your potential.

Not us. We have a confident voice that inspires people to see, do and imagine things differently. The adrenaline rush of novel experiences & challenging moments keeps the flame burning.

Legends from the get-go.


Sup porting fresh


We believe that both sporting & artistic talent deserves to be recognized and celebrated. After all, the world would be one boring place without them.

We nurture underground athletes and artistic talent with sponsorship and collaboration. This way, you’ll always get the freshest designs from the most creative minds.

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